Top Six Servicing Tips To Keep Your Boat In Perfect Condition

As an owner of a boat, it is your primary responsibility to ensure that your boat undergoes regular servicing in order to keep it in a healthy condition and avoid the risk of submerging in the middle of nowhere. You need to be aware of the main parts of the boat that require your close attention and work on them whenever they are not in good condition. Remember that proper servicing will guarantee the safety and security of everyone on board. In this article, we are going to discuss the important tips of servicing your boat.

Things to check while servicing your boat

  • Wash your boat on a regular basis

If you often travel in seawater, you need to wash your boat with fresh water to get rid of the salt layer that may build up on your boat surface and corrode crucial parts. There are several solutions in the market that can be used to remove the salt along with fresh water.

  • Engine should be serviced at least once in a year

Most people will want to wait until a problem arises in the engine so that they can book an engine servicing appointment. This is a wrong practise because you will only end up paying more than you could have if you had the servicing done while the boat was in better condition. It is recommended a boat’s engine should be serviced at least once every year to keep it in a healthy condition.

  • Take a look at your battery every season

Most of the incidents experienced by boat users arise from flat batteries. It is important that you regularly check on your battery to find out if it is charging and that it can hold the standard charge. You also need to top up your battery using distilled water. Lasty, the connections should be tight and free from corrosions.

  • Check oil level four times a year

You need to check oil level on a regular basis while keeping an eye on its colour. If the oil colour is turning dark, you need to change it immediately. A severe case is if the oil is rising up the dipstick, you will have to find an expert immediately and consult on the way forward.

  • Check the prop for any damage

The prop should not have a wound line around it. Also, you have to make sure that the prop is not damaged because it can consume more fuel than necessary long-term.

  • Check the water pump

A motor should discharge water whenever it is started. A blocked cooling system can result in overheating, later damaging the motor.

You need to keep the above tips in mind if you want your boat to serve you for a long period without incidents.

How to find a boat servicing company?

There are those services that you can do yourself, such as washing and keeping your battery in better condition. However, other servicing acts are quite technical and require an expert to do the job. Getting your boat serviced in Gold Coast requires research. You should look at their reputation, experience, license and location so that you are assured of better servicing for your boat. You can also find this information on their official website on the internet. Make sure that you go for a company that is affordable and has a proven record of success.