Commercial Kitchen Supplies Your Commercial Kitchen Must Have

Furnishing a commercial kitchen seems like a very simple and enjoyable task, but many find it daunting.  Despite the challenges you face when you are furnishing your commercial kitchen, you have to make sure that you have the right supplies. This is not that simple since you might forget to buy all the supplies that you require.  For your kitchen to be operational and efficient, you must have all the commercial kitchen supplies that the kitchen requires.  Even if it costs you thousands of dollars, you cannot do without these commercial kitchen supplies since they are essential.


A list of essential commercial kitchen supplies you must have


If you want to have a fully furnished commercial kitchen, you have a list that will guide you when buying your supplies. This ensures that you do not forget the essential things that your kitchen requires. You need to know that a commercial kitchen requires an extensive range of supplies for it to be functional. The following is a list of essential commercial kitchen supplies you should consider to furnish your commercial kitchen.


  • Ovens

This is always the first thing that comes to your mind when buying commercial kitchen supplies. Commercial kitchens require commercial ovens designed with more power output and have greater cooking capacities for everyday cooking.   The type of oven you select depends on what you will be cooking, although you can select multipurpose ovens to maximize your space efficiency.


  • Ranges and ventilation

Ranges are a vital commercial kitchen supply that provides you with the means to cook different types of foods using gas-powered flame or electric heat. They are always used in firing up food in skillets and pans, simmering sauces, and boiling water. Ventilation is essential in a commercial kitchen, and despite the type of range you select, you will require ventilation to make your kitchen comfortable.


  • Food processors

Commercial kitchens are usually very busy, so they need food processors to make slicing, blending, chopping, and blitzing easier.  You can choose to have a batch bowl, continuous or buffalo food processors depending on your needs.


  • Food mixers

In a commercial kitchen, you will find yourself baking loaves of bread, pizzas, and cakes for your customers. This means that you will require commercial mixers that can be used frequently and can handle more ingredients.


  • Slicers

Food preparation is a very tedious task in a commercial kitchen.  Commercial slicers help you prepare your food quickly, helping you save time for other jobs.  This is why you should make sure that you purchase slicers for your kitchen to make work easier.


  • Food prep tables, counters, and cutting boards

You require somewhere to prepare and chop your food. Despite the size of your commercial kitchen, you will always get the right food prep tables, counters, and cutting boards to enhance your food preparation.


  • Freezers and refrigerators

These commercial kitchen supplies are essential since you need to store your perishable goods to prevent them from spoiling.  Select the freezers and refrigerators that suit your commercial kitchen food storage needs.


  • Cooking tools

There are so many cooking tools that you need for your commercial kitchen supplies.  They include sautéing pans, pots, tasting spoons, sheet pans, ladles, bowls, mixing spoons, and serving ware.


  • Microwave

Most people usually forget to buy microwaves for their commercial kitchens. However, they are essential for warming and cooking different types of foods.


  • Washing equipment

Since you require washing so many utensils in your commercial kitchen, you will require hiring many workers, which costs you so much. To make things easier and save some money, you should have washing or cleaning equipment in your kitchen.


Are commercial kitchen supplies expensive?


As long as you want to buy commercial kitchen supplies for your commercial kitchen, you need to have a massive budget since most of these supplies are expensive. Some of them are so cheap, but their quality is low. Since you want to invest in high-quality commercial kitchen supplies, you should ensure that you are willing to spend as much money as they cost since they are cheap in the long run. Be sure to buy from Australia’s leading commercial kitchen suppliers.