Tyres Strathpine- Things to consider when purchasing new tyres

Are you thinking about buying new tyres for your vehicle? This is a major decision which would have a direct impact on the driving quality of your car. There are several things which should be considered. Features like the grip, the tread and the resistance to wear and tear should be given special attention. All these characteristics would have a direct impact on the performance of the vehicle.

The first ting which you should consider when buying a tyre is to find one which is the right size. Also things like the load index and the speed rating need to be taken into account as well.

The following checklist would help ensure that you buy the right set from Tyres Strathpine.

  • Make sure you know which tyres are totally compatible with you vehicle
  • When determining the size of the tyre, do take into account aspects like the width and te diameter along with the height to width ratio
  • Get to know how much load would the vehicle be able to support
  • Make sure that when you change the tyres, you do it for all the four tyres.

Since tyres are the only contact between the roads and your vehicle, it is important that you make the correct decision of choosing the right ones.

When buying a new set of tyres, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Make sure that the tyres re completely compatible with the vehicle that you drive. If you aren’t too sure, you can check with the owner’s manual. Here you would find a complete list of tyres which are compatible with the particular vehicle brand.
  • The vehicle should have the same set of tyres on each of the wheel positions. This uniformity helps in maintaining the performance and the control of the car
  • The tyre size should also be kept in mind. The size is determined according to the width, diameter and the height to width ratio.
  • You have the choice of buying tyres which vary in construction. These days owners prefer using radial tyres instead of cross ply tyres.
  • Also ensure that the tyres you buy are able to support the load of the vehicle. The capacity to carry the load is known as the load index.
  • Also check the speed rating of the tyre. Tyres with a high speed rating are prone to more wear and tear. Also when the tyres are installed the owners should check for the maximum tyre pressure which is required for the tyres to give optimal performance. Avoid using the tyre at the maximum pressure rating. It can cause a major change in the driving quality and would also increase the impact on the tyres.
  • Some other things which you might consider when buying tyres is comfort. Are you looking for an easy and relaxed ride? Or maybe tyres which enhance fuel efficiency? The tread on the tyres determine both these considerations.

For more information on tyres and which ones you should purchase, make sure you contact the experts at Tyres Strathpine.