Health and safety equipment Queensland

Many are the workers and even people in domestic jobs that are exposed daily to multiple risks that can seriously harm their health; this is why work safely preventing risks is one of the most important aspects of work activity.

Working without appropriate safety measures can cause serious health problems. In this sense, each company must take the necessary measures to maintain the work environment in a healthy environment.


Work protection equipment for occupational safety

Currently, there is a wide variety of personal protective equipment on the market to ensure safety and health in the face of different risks.

The most common protective equipment that can be found are:

Safety gloves

Safety gloves are the equipment responsible for protecting the hands against any mechanical, thermal or chemical risk. There are different types of gloves, depending on the work done.

For example, if a person is working in the healthcare field, they should opt for elastic and firm gloves such as latex gloves.

Security shoes

Safety shoes or boots are designed to protect the feet from injuries caused by heavy objects, oil, heat, electricity, etc.

Depending on the dangers that can be found, the person must opt ​​for a type of footwear more resistant than another.

For example, if someone is working in a mechanical workshop, they should purchase footwear that meets the requirements of comfortable design and resistance to hydrocarbons and slippage.

Height protection equipment

Height protection equipment is the equipment necessary to work safely in vertical work and at heights.

When a worker faces a situation at risk of falling in height, he must use these safety detention equipment to avoid serious injuries.

Auditive protectors

Hearing protectors are the equipment responsible for protecting the ears from noise.

Depending on the environment to which the workers are exposed, he will need to purchase helmets, earmuffs or earplugs to reduce the effects of the noise and prevent damage to the ears.

Helmets or safety caps

Helmets or safety caps are the equipment responsible for protecting the head against impacts such as stones, branches, etc. Derived from different jobs.

Eye and facial protection

Safety glasses, welding screens and visors are designed to protect the eyes and face in certain situations. Depending on the protection required by the situation, the worker must opt for equipment or other eye protection or face protection.

Masks or half masks

Masks, masks or semi-masks are the equipment to guarantee the protection of breathing.

For example, if the job is in a maintenance or manufacturing operation where the person is exposed to gases and vapours and will need to obtain some of the most common respiratory protection elements.

The importance of work protection equipment

To guarantee total safety in all jobs, there are personal protection equipment, mandatory use equipment that is responsible for avoiding or minimising risks in order to guarantee the safety and health of the worker against all the risks we are exposed to. Health and safety equipment throughout Queensland is available.

It is essential to train workers when they join a job performing a specific task, as well as the choice of protective equipment and appropriate products for the prevention of occupational hazards of each job.

Personal protective equipment and occupational health and safety management systems are vital to prevent possible accidents and promote a good working environment.