Month: November 2019

Asset tracking software

This is software that enables us to track the movement of assets within an IT environment. Asset tracking software can map all the IT assets within an organisation. This software can be used by system administrators and network administrators to monitor the overall IT assets in an organisation and note their movements. IT can compile all IT assets and inventory in an organisation-wide setting.

Some of the tasks performed by the software include the following:

  • Software inventory management
  • Hardware inventory management
  • Network inventory management
  • Software licenses management

This can be expanded to cater for other machinery and equipment that can be tracked using trackers that are installed on to them and remotely monitored as they do their day to day operations. The fleet management industry is the primary beneficiary of tracking systems.


Benefits of asset tracking software

People should be aware of the working conditions and the locations of their physical assets all the time. Tracking assets allows businesses and companies to increase their growth and profitability. By using the leading asset tracking software, you can monitor the performance of an asset right from the time of purchase up to the disposal period and know when to schedule maintenance, part replacement, and repairs. Below are some of the benefits a company or a business gains by implementing tracking systems in their assets.


Asset recovery and GPS positions

An organisation handling thousands of assets needs to implement a tracking system in all of their assets so that in case one of the batches detaches, they can notice easily. It will save the company a lot of time, and the business process continuity is achieved within the minimum time possible because the tracking system monitors all the assets. It will be easy to locate astray assets with minimum efforts.


Improved customer services

Companies can expect positive reviews from customers due to the timely delivery of services and goods. Real-time information about stock on transit can be relayed to the customers, which creates trust. The tracking system allows you to transform and improve your business processes to best meet your client’s satisfaction.


Real-time asset management

Companies and businesses can spot their assets any time and intercept unscrupulous staff who peddle the company’s property for their interests.


Reduce labour waste and improve productivity

Asset tracking reduces menial tracking of the assets as they move around the processes in different departments. You can now let your employees focus on areas where they can be more productive to the company.


Avoid unnecessary repairs on equipment and machinery

It reduces the cost of maintenance by eliminating unnecessary repairs and maintenance. The tracker schedules the maintenance and replacement of parts. You can also use tracking systems to monitor the depreciation of assets and their current values so that it will reflect accurate data in the financial books of accounts.


Maintenance tracking

Tracking maintenance and scheduling the maintenance and can pinpoint those parts that are counterproductive for further action to be taken against.


Asset audits and setting a stock threshold

Internal or external audits are important because they identify assets and licenses that do not add value yet they incur costs to the business. Asset tracking improves the visibility of assets in the organisation.


Streamlines maintenance costs

Asset tracking systems streamline the lifeline of asset maintenance by scheduling time for their maintenance, sometimes when a maintenance lag behind schedule, then it becomes costly than when done right on time.


Health and safety equipment Queensland

Many are the workers and even people in domestic jobs that are exposed daily to multiple risks that can seriously harm their health; this is why work safely preventing risks is one of the most important aspects of work activity.

Working without appropriate safety measures can cause serious health problems. In this sense, each company must take the necessary measures to maintain the work environment in a healthy environment.


Work protection equipment for occupational safety

Currently, there is a wide variety of personal protective equipment on the market to ensure safety and health in the face of different risks.

The most common protective equipment that can be found are:

Safety gloves

Safety gloves are the equipment responsible for protecting the hands against any mechanical, thermal or chemical risk. There are different types of gloves, depending on the work done.

For example, if a person is working in the healthcare field, they should opt for elastic and firm gloves such as latex gloves.

Security shoes

Safety shoes or boots are designed to protect the feet from injuries caused by heavy objects, oil, heat, electricity, etc.

Depending on the dangers that can be found, the person must opt ​​for a type of footwear more resistant than another.

For example, if someone is working in a mechanical workshop, they should purchase footwear that meets the requirements of comfortable design and resistance to hydrocarbons and slippage.

Height protection equipment

Height protection equipment is the equipment necessary to work safely in vertical work and at heights.

When a worker faces a situation at risk of falling in height, he must use these safety detention equipment to avoid serious injuries.

Auditive protectors

Hearing protectors are the equipment responsible for protecting the ears from noise.

Depending on the environment to which the workers are exposed, he will need to purchase helmets, earmuffs or earplugs to reduce the effects of the noise and prevent damage to the ears.

Helmets or safety caps

Helmets or safety caps are the equipment responsible for protecting the head against impacts such as stones, branches, etc. Derived from different jobs.

Eye and facial protection

Safety glasses, welding screens and visors are designed to protect the eyes and face in certain situations. Depending on the protection required by the situation, the worker must opt for equipment or other eye protection or face protection.

Masks or half masks

Masks, masks or semi-masks are the equipment to guarantee the protection of breathing.

For example, if the job is in a maintenance or manufacturing operation where the person is exposed to gases and vapours and will need to obtain some of the most common respiratory protection elements.

The importance of work protection equipment

To guarantee total safety in all jobs, there are personal protection equipment, mandatory use equipment that is responsible for avoiding or minimising risks in order to guarantee the safety and health of the worker against all the risks we are exposed to. Health and safety equipment throughout Queensland is available.

It is essential to train workers when they join a job performing a specific task, as well as the choice of protective equipment and appropriate products for the prevention of occupational hazards of each job.

Personal protective equipment and occupational health and safety management systems are vital to prevent possible accidents and promote a good working environment.


Importance of UTE canopies

Canopies can be of standard measurements or custom to meet the unique requirements of an individual. Standardised UTE canopies fit the standard tray size while those individuals with smaller tray sizes need not worry because they can either have the whole tray replaced with the standard one or have their UTE canopy customised to fit in the tray size.


Why should I have an aluminium UTE canopy installed in my vehicle?

If you own a utility vehicle that needs to transfer loads from one place to another often, then it is the right time for you to consider installing aluminium UTE canopy on your vehicle. UTE canopies can vary in sizes, shapes, and standards; choose the one that meets your requirements for a canopy. They will be of great assistance for you to carry extra loads with your vehicle securely. Aluminium UTE canopy is one of the most preferred types with its reasons, although there are canopies made from other materials such as fibreglass and steel. Reasons why most people choose aluminium UTE canopies are because they are easy to maintain and are durable. The following are some of the reasons why you should install custom aluminium ute canopies for utes from CSM.


Canopies help secure your luggage and loads without the chances of theft or exposure to weather elements like rain, wind and hot sun. Valuable items can be locked under the canopy without the chances of being noticed by other people because they are securely enclosed.


Enhanced looks

Aluminium canopies are shiny and durable; they are not only hardy but also adds extra aesthetics to the vehicle. Aluminium canopies store small loads and luggage and also improves the appearance of the vehicle.


Increased vehicle value

If you consider installing a canopy onto your vehicle, you are adding value hence long-term investment to your vehicle and extra added value. Adding a UTE to your vehicle gives you benefits from extra transportation space on your vehicle as well as increasing the sale value of the car. In case you dispose of it in the future, it will fetch you a good amount.


Aluminium is the most reliable material trusted to withstand harsh weather conditions. It can be easily maintained, the reason why it has won the love of many vehicle owners around the globe. It is also popular and the most preferred type by many who wish to have a canopy on their UTE.


Easy installation

Aluminium canopy or any other type of canopy can easily be installed and uninstalled any time you like. They are there to maximise the load capacity, and you can uninstall when there is no extra load to carry around. Once installed in place, they are tight and sturdy hence reliable.


Canopies protect vehicles tub

Modern UTEs are refined hence reduces the rugged nature of UTE. Having a canopy on your vehicle adds protection to the cab and the tubs as well as preserves the tray from scratches which otherwise diminish the value of a vehicle.


Easy loading

Whenever you want to transport some items and goods from one place to another, you can load your canopy easily because of the drop-down tailgates and canopy sides. Loads can fit into your canopy without hassle.


Easy strapping

You can easily strap bulky goods and items on the tray and get moving in no time.